KeexyBox is a software program to be installed in RaspiOS (Raspberry Pi) or Debian (64-bit Intel/AMD machine).

Regain control of the Internet with KeexyBox

Make browsing safe for your children, block ads, limit data collection and browse anonymously.

Parental control

With KeexyBox you can have parental control over all the devices in your home network. It allows you to define Internet access times, block sites inappropriate for children and also filter results on search engines such as Google, Bing and YouTube.

Blocking of ads and telemetry

KeexyBox allows advertising to be blocked, including in mobile applications. You can also limit the telemetry data sent by your devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles or connected objects, etc.)

Anonymous browsing

With KeexyBox you can choose to browse anonymously on the Web. Anonymous connection mode prevents your Internet service provider from knowing the sites you visit and prevents the sites visited from identifying you by the IP address. You can thus use the Web to obtain information on sensitive subjects such as health care without any link being able to be made between you and what you have visited.

Wireless Access Point

You can enable the access point feature on KeexyBox to extend your Wi-Fi network or create a new one.

Captive Portal

KeexyBox provides a captive portal which can be used to create a public access point to the Internet. It allows users to register themselves on the portal or directly access the Internet with just one click.

Browsing statistics and personalisation of sites to be blocked

With KeexyBox you are provided with statistics on your use of the Internet. You can view the sites visited and those blocked and base yourself on the browsing history to improve your filtering lists.

Open source project

The KeexyBox software is distributed under open GPLv3 licence. We chose this option because it can be used to protect your privacy. We therefore considered it legitimate for its source code to be accessible to everyone. The KeexyBox software is also free because we believe that no price can be put on protecting children from the Internet.