KeexyBox is a software program to be installed in RaspiOS (Raspberry Pi) or Debian (64-bit Intel/AMD machine).

Wi-Fi Access Point and Captive Portal

KeexyBox can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot and provides a captive portal that can be used to create a public Internet access point. The captive portal is a web page that is automatically displayed in the user’s browser as soon as the user connects to the Wi-Fi network. This page allows the user to identify himself or to accept conditions for Internet access. KeexyBox offers several captive portal configurations.

Captive portal in private mode

Users are prompted to enter credentials provided by the KeexyBox administrator before being able to connect to the internet. This portal is suitable for home use where each member of the family has their own Internet access account.

Captive portal in registration mode

Users have the option of registering with the portal and thereby obtaining credentials to connect to the Internet. Like private mode, users are prompted to enter credentials before they can connect to the internet after registration. This configuration mode can be very useful for bars, hotels or restaurants that want to be able to provide Internet access to their customers.

Captive portal in free access mode

This mode allows users to connect to the Internet without an account but only by accepting the general conditions for Internet access. This configuration mode makes it easier for users to connect to the Internet without the hassle of registering.