KeexyBox is a software program to be installed in Raspbian and requires the acquisition of a Raspberry PI box.

Step 1 - Get the hardware

You will need the following in order to install KeexyBox:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • MicroSD card >= 16GB
  • Good quality micro USB power supply > 2.5A
  • RJ45 cable
  • A Raspberry Pi Case

Step 2 - Install KeexyBox app

The steps to install KeexyBox will be as follows:

  1. Download Raspbian Lite image bundled with last KeexyBox.
  2. Use balenaEtcher to flash the downloaded .img.xz image on your MicroSD.
  3. Insert MicroSD card in your Raspberry PI.
  4. Plug a RJ45 cable between your Raspberry PI and your internet router.
  5. Plug micro USB power supply.

Step 3 - Configure your KeexyBox

Before configuring your KeexyBox we recommend reading this article to understand how to implement it: KeexyBox network topologies

The steps to configure your KeexyBox will be as follows:

  • Set the date and time
  • Set the Network configuration
  • Enable DHCP on KeexyBox and disable it on your Internet router
  • Import Blacklist of websites in KeexyBox
  • Add KeexyBox users
  • Scan and add devices of your network (optional)