KeexyBox is a software program to be installed in RaspiOS (Raspberry Pi) or Debian (64-bit Intel/AMD machine).



The KeexyBox project arose from a number of observations:

  • Internet users have less and less control over the data sent when they are browsing on the Internet.
  • Targeted advertisements can be disconcerting for some people.
  • Recent operating systems are equipped with software which can send personal data collected during their use to third parties.
  • There are an increasing number of connected objects which can send data without visibility for the user.
  • Parental control solutions are often unsophisticated, burdensome, complex to install or incompatible on certain devices.

How does it work?

KeexyBox is a software program which requires a Raspberry PI or any Intel/AMD 64bit hardware. It constitutes a cut-off point between your devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and your router or Internet box. KeexyBox acts as a default gateway and DNS server for the devices in your home network.

It thus intercepts all connections to the Internet to carry out website filtering or to activate browsing via the Tor anonymity network according to connection profiles which you have configured.

It does not require any installation on your devices because the filtering is carried out by the DNSs, thus allowing HTTPS sites to be filtered while at the same time protecting the KeexyBox users’ privacy.

Open source and free software

The KeexyBox software is distributed under an open GPLv3 licence. We chose this option because it can be used to protect your privacy. We therefore considered it legitimate for its source code to be accessible to everyone. The KeexyBox software is also free because we believe that no price can be put on protecting children from the Internet.

The people who develop KeexyBox do it on their own time. Maintaining and distributing a software solution generates certain costs. We hope that you will be satisfied with our solution. Do not hesitate to make a donation if you wish to support the project.