KeexyBox is a software program to be installed in RaspiOS (Raspberry Pi) or Debian (64-bit Intel/AMD machine).

KeexyBox is now also available for Intel / AMD 64bit machines

KeexyBox is now also available for Intel / AMD 64bit machines.

It is therefore possible to install it on any PC, server or even virtual machine supporting this architecture. KeexyBox is a free software which combines in a single solution, the filtering of web sites (by DNS), the captive portal for wifi, Internet access time, the safe search on the main search engines and the on-the-fly activation of anonymous browsing via Tor.

KeexyBox does all of this without any installation to be done on devices to access the internet. KeexyBox can filter millions of websites with just 1 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of hard drive. With a very low hardware cost and its Open Source license, why go without KeexyBox on your network if you are looking for a website filtering solution or a captive portal?