KeexyBox is a software program to be installed in RaspiOS (Raspberry Pi) or Debian (64-bit Intel/AMD machine).

Parental control softwares and privacy do not mix well

Parental control softwares and privacy do not mix well. There are mainly two types of parental control software, those that work directly on phones or computers and those that work online. Regardless of the type, the main functionality of parental controls is to filter websites unsuitable for kids. For this to work, you must accept that your internet browsing and that of your children is analyzed. This software can therefore record all of your internet browsing history and can technically upload it to the cloud without your having control. Those that work on phones are particularly effective because they can also control any action done on the phone and may have an access to your storage. This efficiency comes at the cost of much less privacy.
If you are looking for a parental control software and you also care about your privacy, KeexyBox can be a solution because it ensures website filtering between devices and internet access.
So you will ask yourself: “Now KeexyBox will know my browsing history!” The answer is NO, but you can activate it if you want to know the websites visited by your kids.
You will therefore ask yourself the second question: “If I activate the browsing history, KeexyBox can upload it to the cloud!” The answer is NO again and it is verifiable because KeexyBox is open source software and any expert in the world can analyze the source code to confirm it.
KeexyBox source code available on GitHub: